JSPE invites proposals for its English sessions -- topics relating to the plenary session and reflecting the tradition and analytical perspective of JSPE which includes:

(a) Critical accounts of the current situations of “deadlocks” of capitalism:  neoliberal globalization, the global financial crisis, economic development, inequality, socialism, gender, environment, and global climate change;

(b) The future of the capitalist system and alternatives to the capitalism: major conceptual challenges for critical political economy

(c) Critical analysis of current political economic problems and policy challenges,

(d) Basic theories of political economy


*Proposals of other topics are also welcome


Submission Procedures and Deadline:

 Please complete following form with your proposals by 31 May 2019. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 30. June. 

(You need to check the box at the bottom and click the submit button.) 


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Deadline for the full-paper: The full paper and the extended abstract (A4, 1 page) in Word format must be submitted by 2 September 2018.